ODOT plans to toll I-5 and I-205

Published February 17, 2023

The post below is from Citizen Volunteer John McCabe and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Palisades Neighborhood Assoc.

For the Palisades Neighborhood, additional information on the tolling.

First HB 2017 is for congestion limiting travel speed below 45 MPH. From the item I have attached the speeds under 45 MPH are in the City of Portland, rarely out here. Yet ODOT has mislead the Oregon Transportation Commission(OTC) that must authorize ODOT activity.

OTC has not approved tolling to build any project as of the 1/15/23 meeting.

ODOT has stated that due to fuel efficient cars they are not getting the proper revenue. This is also not true. The problem is ODOT has accumulated so much debt in the 21st Century, the debt will not be paid off until 2047 (it is in the audit also attached).

The ODOT meeting that was in the news on every channel in January, 2023 was ODOT stating that the toll on I205 would be to pay for 100% of the project over a 20-to-30-year period, none of the initial tolling will be to reduce congestion. The tolling will be 24/7.

Rather than the ballot measures the best thing would be to have the legislature delay any construction on I 205 until a new revenue source can be provided that is not tolling.

The people in this area have paid for many ODOT projects including the Rose Quarter Project and 217. But because ODOT is out of money I 205 has to be paid for by tolls.

The alternative at this time is to do no construction and wait until later.

So everybody needs to have the legislature delay any tolling in Washington and Clackamas County until there is a proper study that will have “congestion” tolling only when it is occurring, not 24/7.

Especially since ODOT is collecting record revenues per the audit. It’s just a case of an increase of the collected revenue going to pay on the debt. It is not our fault, it is theirs.

John McCabe


2022 ODOT Annual Financial Report

2020 Portland Regional Traffic Performance Report



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