June Pet of the Month – Tula: Palisades’ Beloved Rescue and Gentle Giant ¬†ūüĆü

Published June 2, 2024

Tula is a Great Pyrenees who was found by a Good Samaritan on a highway in Southern Indiana where she was running around on the median trying to dislodge a yogurt carton from her snout. She was rescued by the driver who feared Tula would run in front of a passing semi if she didn’t intervene. She was brought to a vet who discovered she had an embedded microchip but it had never been registered to an owner. After fostering her for a few months, the guardian angel rescuer convinced her good friends Mary Ann Kunkel and Paul Kachel in Lake Oswego that they would love to adopt this beautiful year old dog. Frequent flier miles were cashed in and Tula and her foster mother soon arrived via Alaska Airlines, ready to introduce Tula to her new family and permanent home. Nearly every resident of the greater Palisades neighborhood has met her at least once since she has walked for miles each day throughout the neighborhood for the last 10 years. Tula turned an estimated 11 years-old in May and has slowed her trot but she still enjoys having strangers stop and tell her she’s a pretty girl as she cruises through the neighborhood on her daily rounds.ūüźĺ ‚̧ԳŹ 

Would you like us to feature your pet? Submit your pet’s name and photo to newsletter@palisadesneighborhood.org



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Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) Project Coordinator

Primary Role:

  • Handles NEP grant applications, grant approvals, reviews receipts for reimbursement and is the single point of contact between the entire Palisades Neighborhood Association (PNA) and the City.
  • To be successfull in this role you should be organized, communicative.
  • Time commitment: From 8-12 hrs. throughout the year


  • Accepting NEP proposals:¬†Anyone living in the Palisades Neighborhood Association can submit proposal(s) to the¬†NEP Coordinator¬†along with estimated costs throughout the year. They should follow the application guidelines and answer the questions related to their proposal.
  • PNA Board will Vote on Which Items To Include in our NEP Proposal:¬†During the month of March PNA board meeting the¬†NEP Coordinator¬†asks the board to vote on the proposed item(s). NEP Coordinator encourages person(s) proposing the item(s) to attend the meeting to answer questions that might come up. The PNA board then votes on which items should be included in the NEP grant proposal.
  • Developing and Submitting the NEP Grant Proposalt:¬†During the NEP grant proposal period (usually the month of May) the¬†NEP Project Coordinator:
    • Fills out the NEP grant proposal application based on items approved by the PNA Board;
    • Gets sign offs from the PNA Chair
    • Submits the proposal form to the city in early May for the initial review process
    • Provides additional information requested by the city
    • Revises and submits the final application to the City by the deadline (typically May 31).

What Happens Next:

  • Iris McCaleb from the City forwards the NEP grant proposals to the grant review committee and then to the City Council who review it and awards certain grants.The¬†NEP Coordinator¬†will receive a letter of award from the City and will share it with the PNA Leadership Team.
  • As items are purchased from the approved grant list, the project close-out form is filled out by the person requesting reimbursement. They will attach digital copies of receipts and photos and then submit all to both the¬†NEP Project Coordinator¬†and the PNA Chair. The¬†NEP Project Coordinator¬†submits the reimbursement request to Iris at the City for reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement checks are then sent directly to the person who purchased the item(s).